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Are stuck in putting together your admissions essay or personal statement?


Do you feel frustrated when you start working on  your essay, report, graduate thesis or articles?


Do you need  professional editing help to eliminate puntuation, grammar and spelling errors and polish your style?

Welcome to personalized writing coaching and editing.  We help motivated students achieve

their academic goals through  better writing.

We know that sometimes to reach your academic goals, whether it be to tell the best story about yourself in an admission essay or to soldier through that difficult research paper, you might end up struggling more than you need to. Your current skill set only takes you so far. You may need help in looking at the big picture, telling your story or feeling more self-confident about your writing.   It’s all too common try and sweat your way through some things and look for the “perfect” example and rework it.  The perfect example is a myth.

You can, though learn how to write more effectively and get the feedback you need and feel more ease when you write. Too many times, we’ve seen people, procrastinate, delay and even stop because they did not have enough  support to keep going. They needed a coach or a mentor to help  them through the anxiety, remind them that their ideas were sound and help them through the blocks.

Good News!

You don’t have to do it alone. You can take the first steps and  get unstuck now.  You will save yourself weeks of delays, frustrations and procrastination and hours of anxiety. Profrhonda has assisted over 5,000 individuals to overcome their writing struggles and reach their goals.

Effectively conveying your ideas, whether it be in a personal statement or an academic essay is the foundation of your future working life, an essential skill in the digital age. You can learn to do this better, whether you are writing an admission essay or an academic paper or report just by working with us.

Students who struggled with their writing or worried about getting into the university have become more self-assured and empowered after a few sessions. They acheived their goals and raised their grades or got accepted at more universities.  We believe everyone can all write better with some practice, effort and guidance. For Profrhonda,  it has been a life-long journey.


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Increase your chances to get into the college or university of your dreams. Through the POWER process, we help you draw out your story, craft it, organize it and revise it.

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From brainstorming to the final edit, will meet work with you one-on-one to draw out your ideas, draft them, revise them and keep you on task.

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You’ve done all the work and you need a second pair of eyes to catch what  you missed or  tighten your sentences and polish your style.

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